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Lithuania and Belarus may start exchanging info on nuclear accidents

  Official Vilnius discusses an agreement with Minsk on cooperation and exchange of information on nuclear accidents. An agreement should be signed before the first nuclear fuel delivery to the Astravyets nuclear power plant. The talks have been hampered a bit by the tension between Belarus and Lithuania over the Astravyets safety. On Monday Belarus […]

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Lithuania and Latvia ratified pact on providing medical care in border regions

  Under the agreement, Lithuanian or Latvian medics will be able to provide medical assistance to patients within 20 km from the border. The Seimas of Lithuania has ratified the agreement with Latvia last week. Latvia has a similar agreement with Estonia as well and several cases are recorded every year when people receive help […]

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Vilnius banned Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes from its airspace

  Boeing 737 MAX 8 flights were banned by the European Aviation Safety Agency following last Sunday’s Ethiopian Airlines tragedy. According to European aviation safety directive Boeing 737 MAX 8 was banned from taking off in Vilnius as well. At the moment about 350 Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes are used worldwide. Some countries and […]

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Lithuania welcomed deal between Greece and Macedonia

  On Friday Lithuania welcomed a historic deal regarding name change of Macedonia. “This is an example showing that reconciliation between different nations is possible despite long-standing disagreements,” the Foreign Ministry said in a press release after the Greek parliament rarified the deal to rename Macedonia as North Macedonia. The ratification of the so-called Prespa […]

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Traditional Snow Meeting in Lithuania for security policy experts

  On Thursday Lithuania hosted an annual Snow Meeting where security policy experts gathered to discuss challenges faced by Europe and the United States. 12th Snow Meeting took place in the district of Trakai, close to Vilnius. Among participants there were the foreign ministers of Ukraine, Slovakia and Latvia, and Ben Hodges, former commander of […]

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Lithuanians considered 2018 year better than 2017

  Lietuvos Rytas daily has held a survey which showed that Lithuanians were more satisfied with the quality of their lives in 2018 comparing to 2017. Four out of ten Lithuanian residents over 15 believe the outgoing year was successful for them personally. 39 percent said the passing year was successful for them, and 13 […]

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Former conservative prime minister Kubilius nominated for Council of Europe’s secgen

  The Lithuanian government nominated Andrius Kubilius for the position of secretary general of the Council of Europe. The Council of Europe’s secretary general is elected for a term of five years Kubilius is currently a member of the Seimas and was a Lithuania’s prime minister in 1999 to 2000 and in 2008 to 2012. […]

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The Simpsons should be broadcasted after 9 p.m. in Lithuania

  The Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania consider the popular American sitcom the Simpsons as having negative effect on minors and should be shown after 9 p.m. Lithuania’s watchdog believes that certain scenes involving the use of alcohol, polygamy promotion, and talks about sexual intercourse in Simpsons could be detrimental to minors To get […]

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Lithuania has expanded its blacklist of Russian citizens

  The decision was made by the Migration Department in response to a proposal by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 20 people would be added to the list. According to the Foreign Ministry’s statement, these persons violated international law and pose threat to international and Lithuania’s national security. On Nov. 25, Russia seized three […]

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Lithuania will hire experts to develop its transport strategy up to 2050

  The Lithuanian Transport and Communications Ministry plans to use experts for developing optimistic, pessimistic and most realistic scenarios of the country’s transport and communications strategy until 2050. Tender for consultants will be called in December or early next year. Experts will be hired for the period until the end of 2019, with a possibility […]

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